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Chesslike: Adventures in Chess

Chesslike takes the familiarity of chess and puts it into a fantastic new world of possibilities. This game is NOT chess. The rules have changed, and even a pawn can take up arms to become the new king. Dive into fun puzzle levels, or take some time and conquer an entire castle by assassinating the king. When you've had your fill, create your own levels to challenge your friends with the Level Editor at Chesslike.net.


Expansions will always be free updates.

This is an evolving game. Community input on Chesslike is greatly influential.


-Chess-based dungeon crawler/puzzles
-Pick up swords and shields to upgrade your piece.
-Keys, Locked Doors, Warp tiles, Maps.
-Pawns move and kill in four directions, but will only kill diagonally.
-Level Editor - play everyone's custom levels!
-Registering will save your progress and allow use of the Level Editor to create new puzzle levels

PLAY NOW - http://chesslike.net

Game Design and Programming - Adam Moore @mooreinteractiv http://moore-interactive.net
Art and Game Design - Brandon Evans @loxmythart http://loxmyth.com
Music - @Beatscribe http://www.beatscribe.com
-- OST Available: https://beatscribe.bandcamp.com/album/chesslike-os...

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