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We have decided to start publicizing a production environment link for the game, and getting more people playing it and testing out what we have so far. We'e been using it for a while, but decided that we can also start allowing more people in to test out the capabilities of the community-based aspects: Level Editor, and Online Multiplayer modes. You'll need an account to use those features. 

We've added some basic tracking so we can tell how many people are playing. Once we do have some audience we will begin a more public announcement of progress milestones. 

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Logging In

There's a small note about using your account to log in. If you had played our original version of chesslike, you may have an account already! It also works over at by the way!

If you don't have an account you can create on at . We will soon implement registration on the new game. It will also replace the old game soon at the main domain without the /next prefix. The old game will remain active in a sub folder at that point with all new focus on the new game.

Please do comment if you experience any issues in creating an account before we've added full registration, and password reset options. 

You can also play anonymously(offline), but won't be able to use the Level Editor or Online modes.

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