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Super Chesslike Adventure

Open-world followup to Chesslike: Adventures in Chess. Join Fayette on their journey for justice across the realm. · By Adam Moore, Loxmyth


Recent updates

Official Chesslike Discord Launched!
We've launched a new public Discord for Super Chesslike. We would love to have you in the discussions as we finish up the core mechanics and expand on online an...
Public Alpha - Play Now!
We have decided to start publicizing a production environment link for the game, and getting more people playing it and testing out what we have so far. We'e be...
Piece Movements in Chesslike - Part 2: Calculating Movements and the 5x5 Grid
This is part 2 of a series on piece movements in Super Chesslike Adventures , a reboot of Chesslike . Part 1 covers the basics of chess, and how Chesslike mod...
Piece Movements in Chesslike - Chess vs Chesslike
When I first had the idea of putting chess pieces in levels that weren't chess boards, I thought it would be an easy way for me to learn some programming given...
Here We Go Again, or A Fresh Start
Making 'Chesslike: Adventures in Chess' Was Really Awesome About 8 years ago I started working on a game idea where I'd put chess pieces not on a chess board. A...

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